Different Types of Sewer Cleaning Systems

Sewer Cleaning is the process of removing grease, grime, and other debris from sewers in your house. DescriptionA general sewer cleaner is any chemical substance that clears clogged or blocked sewer pipes. The word itself can also refer to a specific mechanical device like a toilet plunger, plumber’s snake, or other similar device. Basically, any device that is designed to move the liquid waste that flows through a sewer pipeline, removing and preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria and germs.

One of the most common methods of Plumbing Repair is ‘flushing out’ the pipes. In this method, water is introduced to the sewer lines, pushed down the drain, or flushed away with a strong jet of water. This method effectively eliminates all types of debris from the pipes inside the sewer main. However, this method has a very limited scope. As stated, it only removes the debris found in the pipes.

Another popular way of sewer cleaning is the use of a ‘sewer vacuum’. This is ideal for the elimination of leaves, twigs, branches, and other greasy debris from the pipes, especially beneath the house and in the garden. If you are planning to use a sewer cleaning machine, make sure that it will work for the type of debris that is present in your sewer system.

Plumbers often use a ‘jetter’ or ‘snake jetter’ to help them clear a blocked sewer line. This type of sewer cleaning machine is similar to the flush better used for clearing sewers, but this machine is equipped with a nozzle that sprays a jet of water directly at the blockage, causing the blockage to come out easily. The nozzle of this letter also moves back and forth, helping to dislodge larger pieces of debris. The snake letter is perfect for cleaning out basements, attics, and crawlspaces, where large debris can be found. This machine is usually operated by a plumber and can cost a bit of money.

You might wonder why some homeowners prefer clean their own sewer lines. In fact, some homeowners have learned that it is not only easier to clean their lines, but it is also cost effective and time-saving. Aside from being able to save money and time when it comes to doing the job yourself, homeowners can save a lot of time in the process. Many homeowners who are good at DIY will be able to perform the entire installation and maintenance process within a few hours. Other homeowners who are not as skilled may be able to learn the basics of cleaning a toilet or drain in about 30 minutes.

Plumbing Contractors do not have to be a difficult task, if you know what to do and how to do it. When there are clogs in pipes, they are often caused by food, grease, hair, and other debris stuck in the pipes. With a little help from a professional drain and sewer cleaning company or yourself, getting rid of clogs in your drains should be a piece of cake.