Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy is one of the best ways to help patients suffering from physical disabilities. Physical rehabilitation and health care, also called physiotherapy, is an interdisciplinary field of medical science that seeks to improve and restore physical function and quality of life for individuals with various types of physical impairments or limitations. It can include rehabilitation for brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, skeletal muscle injury and hip/pelvis injuries among other types of physical disabilities.

The term rehabilitation therapy is often associated with people who are in wheelchairs or need to use scooters for assistance. However, it is not limited to these types of assistance. In fact, there are many other patients who benefit from such treatment. Rehabilitation therapy can help a person who has had a major operation like a knee or hip replacement to regain some of the use of his/her legs and limbs.

Rehabilitation therapy can help the patients overcome their pain and restore their mobility and strength. The rehabilitation of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis is especially important, because MS can cause damage to the muscles, tendons and nerves throughout the body. Rehabilitation can help the patient regain some of the use of his/her arms and legs so that the patient can live more normal lives.

Patients who suffer from muscular-skeletal injuries also benefit from rehabilitation therapy. A muscle injury can be painful and can cause extreme difficulty in moving a certain part of the body. Muscular-skeletal injuries, while generally not life threatening, can severely impact a patient’s lifestyle. Muscular-skeletal injuries can cause permanent disability or at least significantly limit movement of the affected body part.

There are several types of physical rehabilitation and health care. Physical therapy can consist of exercises that improve balance and coordination, stretching exercises, rehabilitation for muscle injuries and use of therapeutic equipment such as massage chairs. In some cases, physical therapy can also include using a wheelchair or an electric scooter.

Physical therapists usually have extensive training to become a physical therapist and are also licensed physicians. They are highly trained in the various types of physical conditions and injuries that a patient might have and what the best course of action is in dealing with them. Physical therapists are also skilled in teaching patients how to use therapeutic equipment such as a massage, adjustable beds, exercise equipment and other equipment to help increase the mobility and/stability of the injured muscles.